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Red Angus Sires

Proudly presenting a Red Angus herd bull battery strategically designed and intensely bred for marbling, fleshing ability, calving ease and fertility.

Influenced by these great sires:

Leachman EBV 6703 (reg. 194921):   The original marbling and birth weight trait leader.  Legendary, consistent and sire of easy fleshing efficiency.

These are the best sons from “EBV” that we’ve seen.

“King” (reg. 1244528): Ridge EBV KING 8015 is out of a typical easy-fleshing EBV cow and 5L Norseman King.  Offering his first & second crop and they are awesome!  Exactly what we aim to produce.

Ridge EBV KING 8015

“0027E” (reg. 1378997): Ridge Signature 0027, tested OS Free, A rare Signature son out of a great EBV daughter.  A wonderful blend of old & new genetics. (Deceased)

“Turbo” (reg. 588399): EBV’s Top Son by Pharo CC out of a “Bootjack” cow, forage  raised and one of Pharo’s top sellers. (Semen for Sale $25/unit) (Deceased)

“1087E” (reg. 826690): Cains EBV 1087; Two star DNA marbling trait leader with ultra-low calving ease. He, like Turbo, is an EBV son out of a “Bootjack” cow.  One of our best cow lines. (Semen for Sale $15/unit)

“1215E” (reg. 826675): Cains EBV Man 1215; One of our first and best EBV sons out of a “Ladiesman” cow that produced ‘til she was 15 years old.  I always considered her my ideal type of cow.

“3068E” (reg. 1654390): Cains EBV Man 3068; 100% Cain bred.  A true example of what we are trying to produce; efficiency, production, disposition and balance. An “A” type with great EPD’s. Combines: EBV, Logan, Iowa and Ladiesman! 

“6133E” (reg. 1655141): Cains EBV Man 6133; 100% Cain bred by 3068 and double bred Logan, Three generations of Cain breeding, excellent fleshing ability and disposition.

Glacier Logan 210 (reg. 372629): A High Accuracy marbling Trait Leader and sire of ultra productive females. The sire of many of our Top cows.

“6803L” (reg. 1107635): SOR-JAG Brick Yard 6803S; “Lancer” is a top son of Lancer 442T out of a Logan cow ownd by Dr. Jim Gosey, one of my breeding program mentors.  Structurally sound, low BW and high for both Marbling and REA.  Owned with Schuler-Olsen Ranch.

“2036L” (reg. 930293): Cains Heavy Logan 2036; “Gordo” 100% Cain bred and the ideal type for us. A grandson of Logan out of an ultra excellent “Hobo x Heavy Wt” cow.  Excellent disposition and a perfect example of a large “A” type.

“2186L” (reg. 930340): Cains Logan Man 2186; A calving ease Logan son with excellent growth.  His mother has Ladiesman, Hobo, Heavenly and Skeeter all stacked in her pedigree

“1183L” (reg. pending): Cains Logan Man 1183; 100% Cain Bred out of 1215E and a Logan daughter that calved in the herd until she was 14 years old!

BJR Make My Day 981 (reg. 411482): High Accuracy marbling trait sire and extreme birth weight to yearling weight spread. Using his top sons on EBV daughters.

“1068M” (reg. 826653): Cains New Day 1068; a Make my Day son out of a Canyon/Quantock cow, a heifer bull with milk, marbling and style.     

“2062M” (reg. 930363): Cains Lucky Day 2062; a Make My Day son with marbling and fleshing ability out of our most solid cow line.

“028M” (reg. 711190): PSR My Day King 028; one of the first Make My Day sons to prove himself, out of a Glacier Northern King cow.  Sire of some of our most productive cows.

CA Future Direction 5321 (reg. 12493607): A BLACK bull that changed the direction of the cattle industry forever.

Birth Wt (Top 25%) + Milk (Top 10%) + ME (Top 5%) + Marbling (Top 1%) + REA (Top 1%)

We have used only AM Negative tested sons for outcross genetics from this landmark sire.

“6452B” (reg. 1121790): Basin Future Direction 6452; “6452B” is an outcross bull sired by a top “Future Direction” son carrying the red gene (All AM tested Neg.) out of a Logan cow line at Basin’s.  The #2 Marb. EPD bull of all  2006 bull calves at +.44

“5314B” (reg. 1051957): Basin New Direction 5314; a calving ease, marbling, REA outcross Trait Leader by “Future Direction” AND a Breed Top in marbling!!!

“1045B” (reg. pending): Cains Direction 1045; out of 5314B and a 1068M cow. Cain bred, combines performance spread, gain, conversion and that thick “A” type.

Nolin’s Rob Roy 324 (reg. 1086671): “ROY” is an eye-catching son of Red Northline Rob Roy 122k, the 2002 Canadian National Champion and 2003 U.S. National Senior Champion Red Angus  Bull & also the sire of the National Champion “Roy Rogers”.  Roy is phenotypically ideal plus he combines low birth weight, high growth potential and an A++ disposition. 


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